Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yup... I Love BTTF, And Had Some Extra Cash Lying Around

If I were forced to name a favorite move, one that I could watch over and over until the end of time... It'd probably have to be Back To The Future. I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that it was on TV in the delivery room while I was being born, or if it's just that great of a flick, but that trilogy NEVER gets old to me.

 I was perusing the inter-webs and found a site that sells nothing but BTTF memorabilia. Once this beauty caught my eye, I knew it had to go in my collection of movie goodies. My geek shrine, if you will, contains things such as my Dark Knight bobbleheads, my Heroes action figures, my Dexter bobbleheads, Office bobbleheads, my Dark Knight script and other things of that nature. Now my shrine will have the Gray's Sports Almanac (with transparent blue receipt).  Now I just need my flux capacitor to be built into my amp, and I will be set.

I'm sooo cool.



Jenah said...

I just wanted to tell you thanks for these updates! I love the group! for a few years now i have been very sick and in and out of hospitals.we just recently found out that i have a cancerous tumor in my adrenal gland.I need surgery but my blood pressure is to high. they said there is no way i would pull through it.I now can not even eat on my own. I have to have a feeding tube.I listen to you guys all day and everyday! The songs you all sing are such words of encouragement.they really do help me to stay positive! KEEP up the good work! God bless, Jenah

Gordie said...

Maddy: What's the latest up date on Mom? I submit a monthly Prayer request in her behalf I'd like to give an update
Gordie Raynes on Facebook

Maddy said...

Gordie, Mom is doing fine. Still cancer-free, and she's done with chemo and surgery. All done with that mess, now if it just doesn't ever come back we'll be happy. Thank you for your prayers, we felt every single of them.

Anonymous said...

HEY MADDY!!!! I thought you were gonna post yours, Morgan's and your Mom's answers a week ago. When you gonna do it?
Can't wait to see their answers.
God Bless!