Wednesday, November 26, 2008

He's Heeeeerrrrrrreeeeee.......

Hello again,


When I started this blog, I had no idea how difficult it would be to keep up to date. My current college schedule doesn’t make updating any more convenient. We just finished up on the Gaither west coast tour, it was a blast but it that kind of a run will really wear you out, I got to do a lot of really cool things over the past two weeks though.

 Shannon, Morgan, Shawn, and I got to go see the Beatles Cirque Du Soleil LOVE show (pictured above), in one word it was simply scrumtrulescent (so amazing a word had to be created). We also got to spend a day in a cabin out on Lake Tahoe, play around in Disneyland, and hang out in Vegas for a day. It was an awesome trip but like I said, tiring.

 I know a lot of you want to know how Mom is handling her treatments. She is doing very well, We only have one more treatment left! This has been a tough phase but it’s almost over, and I can honestly say it has made each of us stronger. She wants me to thank everyone for their prayers, they’ve really gotten us through.

 Let’s see…What else has happened since we last spoke? Like I said a few posts ago, we are listening to songs for our new album. We are going to start tracking on December 17th in Nashville. I’m really excited about this new record, it has a lot of heart and soul put into it already.

 We’re fixing to start our vacation time, we normally take the latter half of December off for personal time. It gives us a nice little break until the new year has started. The vacation let’s us kick off the new year refreshed and ready to play. I’m going to go down to Orlando for a few days with some close friends, I think we’re going to go to Disney and Universal. After Vegas, I may try to catch another Cirque show.

 Well, I think that should catch you up a little bit. Keep commenting and checking in for updates, I’ll try to get better at this thing. I haven’t forgotten about the questionnaires, I’ll try to get Morgan’s up ASAP.

 Take Care,



P.s. I’m 20 today.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Little Break...

Sorry I haven't logged on recently, I'm starting a new class and the schedule is a little hectic. I'll try to post a full blog this week giving you updates on Mom and everyone else.

Until then,