Monday, May 11, 2009

Any Questions?

Ok, so I'm going to steal something from a buddy of mine, this should be pretty fun. Over at CrabbRevival's blog, Micah has a set up a little Q&A, the cool thing about this is that the fans get to come up with the questions. I'll take the first 15 questions and have everyone in our group answer them individually. If you have a question for a specific person and don't really want everyone to answer, then address the question to the person you'd like to answer. Got it?

This should be fun...


Questions are in! I'll get everyone to start answering them tonight. I think I'm going to post a video blog too... Wes and Mark inspired me. That'll be up soon too. Stay tuned.

Taking a little longer than originally planned. Mom, Morgan, and I have answered, but Kyle and Dad have not. I promise, I will post the answers ASAP. Thank you all again for these great questions. I may do these once every few months.

GEES!!! I've been trying to get Kyle and Dad to do this thing and it's just not working right now. I will post Mom's, Morgan's, and My answers today or tomorrow. I'm really sorry about the delay, y'all.



Bek said...

If you could sing with one person on stage who would it be and why? I really want to know who Mrs. Sheri wants to sing with but I am interested about everyone else too.
Much love. <3

Daniel Mount said...

What is your favorite song that the group's recorded...that you haven't sung in the last few years?

(And that, of course, begs the follow-up question, Why haven't you sung it in the last few years!)

ThomasJG said...

OK, what are the ranges of all the singers in your group?
T.J. Greer

Anonymous said...

How has life changed for all of you since Greg and Charlotte left? How are you enjoying the new group dynamic?

Meagan Williams

Rachelle said...

Did you have a singer or singers that were sort of like your 'hero[oes]' when you were growing up as a kid/teenager? If so, who were they? :)

ps. thanks for doing this!

Mark said...

What is your mom and dad's favorite album they ever recorded?
What is their favorite song they ever recorded?

This isn't a question for your Q&A, but have an ETA on the new CD?

A Missouri Girl said...

Who's your favorite singer(s) and group(s)?

This question isn't really for the Q&A but; When is Morgan gonna do another solo album?

God Bless!

~A Missouri Girl

EMichelle said...

What is the greatest achievement in your life?

Angel Renee said...

A question for Sheri, how many songs have you written? And do you sing all of them? My uncle writes a lot of songs, and man of them never actually get sung. Thanks!

Rising Sun said...

For J&S, In what way have your lives changed in the last year since Sheri had gone through Breast Cancer? ( The strengths and Weaknesses since the ordeal)

Shannon <3 God Bless!

Anonymous said...

If you weren't in the Southern Gospel industry...what would you be doing?

Lisa from Ohio said...

For Jeff and Sheri: Love your music and your ministry. What a light you both are. It is very evident of your faith and love for Jesus by the songs you sing and the testimonies you each have.
My question: At what age did each member of the group accept Christ and become a Christian?

Anonymous said...

What year of college are you in? and what grade of school is Morgan in?

Anonymous said...

what year of college are you in, and what year of school is Morgan in?

Anonymous said...

Will Michael English & Mark Lowry ever appear as back up vocals on any J&S cds like they did for the Ever Faithful CD?

Anonymous said...

What's your favorite food/ffods?

Ben T. said...

What are your most embarrassing moments? :D