Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Baaaack...

First I want to say, there was a mix-up a few weeks ago with the comments. I selected about four of them and instead of clicking "approve" I clicked "reject", rookie mistake. So just letting those people know, there wasn't any reason why your comments weren't approved, other than it was my mistake. Sorry about that.

So, NQC.... If you ever wondered how Superman felt after being exposed to kryptonite, go to NQC as a part of a group. You come home feeling beaten, and don't ask me why. I would think it'd be a pretty easy week, set up once, perform short sets, work the table for a certain shift and that's it. But for some reason, you feel like you lose a few months in that one week. 

So I'm going to do a little questionnaire every few days, to help everyone get to know our group on a more personal level. I'll start with my own:

Name- Madison Allen Easter

Birthday- 11/26/1988

Interests- Playing guitar, reading, watching movies, and talking to anyone about anything.

What is your occupation with Jeff & Sheri? Guitarist

Favorite Movies- That Thing You Do!, This is Spinal Tap, Tombstone, The Shawshank Redemption, Batman (1989), Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Office Space, anything by Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, Mallrats, etc.), any Quentin Tarantino flicks, Almost Famous, Tommy Boy, The Shining, Goodfellas, any Tom Hanks flick, Fight Club....there are way too many to list ALL of my favorites. After all, I AM a movie buff.

Favorite Albums- Diorama - Silverchair, Continuum - John Mayer, Big Ones - Aerosmith, The Life of Chris Gaines - Garth Brooks, Hot Wired - Brent Mason.

Favorite Artists- John Mayer, Bruce Hornsby, Brent Mason, Peter Cetera, Don Henley, Richard Marx.

Favorite Books- The Bible, The Shining, The Long Halloween, The collective works of Edgar Allen Poe, The Screwtape Letters.

Favorite Waste of Time- Watching TV/Movies and playing video games.

Favorite Pizza Toppings- Pepperoni, I'm a simple fellow.

Favorite Television Programs- Heroes, The Office, Arrested Development, The X-Files, Friends, Dexter, Family Guy, Boy Meets World.

What type of car do you drive? Lincoln Blackwood and a 1968 Camaro.

How many vehicular accidents have you ever had? 0

What was the last movie you saw in theaters? Tropic Thunder

What was the last concert you attended (leisurely)? Matchbox 20 and Alanis Morissette

Top 3 websites you check every day-,,

Most embarrassing moment- I have a new one almost every night, but there's one that really sticks out though. We were doing a show in North Carolina a few years ago, I had a brand new PRS guitar with a little cheap-o strap. The guitar is a very heavy one, so when you add that factor to the cheap strap, the outcome won't be a good one. The strap gave way in the middle of the set and the guitar fell to the ground and knocked a nice little chunk out of it.

Favorite part of traveling- Meeting new people and seeing my friends from other groups.

Something fans don't really know about you- I'm a HUGE movie buff! You name it, I've seen it at least once. I'm also a giant Batman buff.

If you could have any other job, What would it be? I'd honestly love to be an English teacher if music had no part in my life. 

My DVD collection. I have about 350, I'm still working on it though.

So that's it, I'll probably get Morgan and Kyle to fill out their questionnaires later this weekend. We are in Mt. Airy, NC for Mayberry Days this weekend. I can't believe it has been a full year since we shot that video! That show is always a blast, I love doing the "We Are Family" shows, it's so much fun to play as one big group. 

I know all of you are wondering about Mom, she has gone through her second round of chemo and she is doing fantastic! This is all going much better than I expected. I don't mean to make it sound like a "nothing" thing, it's still difficult, but we're handling it well.

Keep the comments coming, they're always a fun read!

Take care,



Meagan said...

The questionaires are a great idea. Thanks for sharing this with us! I would imagine that the week of NQC is a very draining time for you. I hope you had fun though. I'm sure it is fun performing with your family/extended families. Enjoy the weekend! Thanks for all you do!

Meagan said...

Also, could you maybe sometime let us know how Charlotte and Greg are doing? We haven't heard much out of them recently and I really miss them. Are they still going to be with the Gaither Homecoming tour since they left your group? Thanks!

Allen Edwards said...

Thank you so much for helping us get to know more about the lives of Jeff and Sheri Easter and their family, and group.

By the way, you really should consider doing a solo project. Also, I would love to see a second Sheri Easter solo project, and to see Jeff do his first solo project.

Sheri Easter is my favorite female singer of all time. I listen to that Sheri CD all the time. We need more SHERI!! LOL! I bet you all here that often.

You all are in my prayers. God Bless you and love you all! Oh and thanks for adding me on myspace. Do you ever chat on any instant messengers?

In Christ,

Allen Edwards

Adele said...

thanx for sharing! I always love read some "inside info" from the groups I like! And I'm also glad that your mom is doing well! God Bless!

LaLa Lisa's Blog said...

It's great to see you blogging Madison. I've added you to my favorite blogger list. NQC was fun but exhausting. I didn't even get to catch the Jeff & Sheri sets. I was busy working at the Isaacs booth. Keep on bloggin'

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I was soooo shocked and upset to hear that your mom has cancer..Thank God she's beatin' it..Your mom has been my favorite singer since forever..I've been tryin' to read your blog every once in a while, just to keep up..:) I like the questionaire...:)


Jess said...

Having seen your family perform a few times you always appeared to be the silent no hype type. Just doin' the guitar thing.

Thanks for the update on your Mom.

Kristy said...

I am new at this. Thank you so much for keeping us updated on yalls world. I think the question survey is a neat ideal. I enjoyed reading it and getting to know you. Look forward to the others too. Hope you all had a great weekend at Mayberry Days! Looking forward to seeing yall with the Gaithers in Louisiana in Oct. Prayer for your mom and Ms. Polly and the whole family continue. Take care and God Bless.

Zach said...

Hey man! I'm enjoying the blogs. I come to yalls concerts every time you are in the Houston, TX area. Always great to hear the group.

I work at MD Anderson Cancer Center here in Houston and going to school there as well, so I'm dealing pretty closely with cancer patients every day. I see what it does to families and even my family has been touched several times by it.

Just want you to know I've been praying for your mom daily since I learned about all this ordeal. I too am amazed by her strong faith. Keep it all up! God bless. See you guys next time you're in Houston.


Mark said...

Been enjoying your blog. Maybe you could have your mom and dad fill out the questionaire too.

Elaine Harcourt said...

Thanks, Maddy. That gives me idea of what makes Maddy tick. Praying for your mom every day. I am so amazed by her strong faith & outlook. What an inspiration she is! Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

is your mom going to have reconstructive surgery later on?

Anonymous said...

I look at your blog most every day to see how things are going with your family.
I am enjoying it and I am so glad you are doing this blog.
Nobody is a bigger fan of Jeff and Sheri than I am.
I wanted to know how your grandmother, Polly is doing too. I am a big fan of Lewis family ad have been for years. So do say something about her. I pray a lot for her and your mother,Janet

Rising Sun said...

Hey Madison...

It's been so wonderful reading your blogs and it truly has been an inspiration to see how open you can be.
I always did think you were the strong silent type and kept to yourself. So I was very happy to see that you started a blog.

We just booked a Jeff & Sheri concert for next July and I am so excited to see you all. I've never had the privilege of seeing you guys in Concert so I'm very excited to see you guys next year!

Well, keep the blogs coming. It's wonderful to read about your life on the road! God Bless

Hannah said...

The questionnaires are a Good idea!!! I like reading your blog!!

Cindy said...

Hey Madison,
It is very nice of you to take the time to keep us (The Fans) up to date with how you all are doing & what all is going on in your lives. I have been a LONG time fan of your Parents, you are a very lucky young man to have 2 amazing & awesome Parents! I see the Gaither Homecoming Concert every year in Mobile, AL & Pensacola, FL. And Jeff & Sheri are my absolute FAVORITE Part!! I continue to pray daily for your Mom and for God's healing on her body & life! I also pray for your family that God will continue to give each of you the strength that you each need to get through all of this, until your Mom is able to completely recover from it all! Your Mom's Unending Faith is such an inspiration! She is a ray of sunshine in my heart!! I adore the witness and strength that she has even when she faces the BIGGEST & TOUGHEST "Mountain"! You can't begin to know how amazing that is, and how people (like myself) cling to each word of every verse of the songs that ya'll share with us. You all are HEAVEN SENT!! Thanks for caring enough about us fans to keep the blogs coming. I love learning and hearing all about you guys.

Anonymous said...

I always find it so wired when a christian artist doesn't listen to christian music!! whats up with that??

Rita said...

Hi Madison, I've been a friend of the Lewis Family sine 1968 and knew your mom when she was Morgan's age. It was so great to see all of you in Gap, Pa on the 19th of September. Your mom looked great and I have her and your Grandma on my prayer list. Thanks for keeping us all up to date.
God Bless!

David said...

Hey Madison, that was really cool, letting us know a little about your personal life like that. I enjoyed reading it! It shows people how much our favorite singers are just like us.

carla said...

Enjoyed reading your blog and enjoyed you guys in Chuckey Sunday night! Keep on serving Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Hi Madison
So glad to hear your mom is doing well. Jeff and Sheri have been a favorite of mine for many years. I'm looking forward to the 17th, your coming to my town! Love your blog and the questionaire, it's nice to get to know everyone a little better. Sending up prayers for your mom
In Christ's Love

Doug said...

Hey Madison!
The name is Doug, I love listening to ya'lls CD's. I am from Delaware, and live about a minute from the barn yall sing at when you come to DE! I am studying in Ohio now, and was just on the website looking for any concerts near columbus and I found out about your moms cancer. I will be praying for you and your family. My mom had some serious medical conditions when i was eight and ended up passing on to her reward, but i pray that the Lord will keep your mom safe and let her keep singing. let her know that she (as well as kim hopper) are my favorite singers.. period! not just in the genre you guys sing in, but that they are my favorites! :) The Lord bless yall! Your Brother in Christ,
Douglas Root

Anonymous said...


Just wondering if you could share about some of the gear you use to make those hot sounds. My wife & I really enjoy your groups music. First time I saw you was on a video and you were about 2 years old. Your dad had you comeot and spell your name. So cool to see you grow up and become involved with your families music. Keep on picking & grinning!

Heidi said...

Hey, I love reading the posts. You have quite a lot of videos! For the post by Meagan, Charlotte has a website as well.
Were you able to fix the guitar?
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking at your blog every few days to see how your mother is doing.? I hope she is still doing okay with taking chemo. I still am praying for her daily. Is she still able to sing at all her concerts? PLease let us all know how she is doing now, Janet

Anonymous said...

Hey Madison!
I love the blog, thanks for doing it! I have seen your family only a few times because I live in Mass, so ya'll really don't come up this area, but whenever I see that you do I'm there! But I have several CD's and I check up on ya'll online. Glad your mom is doing well under her circumstances. praying for you guys. God bless!!

Anonymous said...

Madison, I just wanted to say that your family's music is such a blessing. It's obvious when Jeff & Sheri take the stage they are fulfilling a call to the ministry. We all sometimes wonder why we have to endure the things we do, but your mother has been an inspiration to many during her illness. I hope she is still doing good. I'd love to read an update on her health. God Bless you all and I pray safety for your travels.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for keeping us update. We are a family from Norway that is a big fan of Jeff and Sheri Easter. It`s a blessing to hear them sing. We are praying for you all. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Madison! Just had to tell you, I was at your concert in Covington the 17th and WOW you guys were, as usual, awesome! LOVED it! We lost our only biological child to stillbirth 8 years ago and now have our adopted miracle, our 13 month old daughter. I always loved the song Roses Will Bloom Again...but couldn't honestly hear it for many years. I felt like roses would never bloom again for me. Now, I not only can hear the song again, but it has even deeper meaning for me...Roses did bloom again, boy did they. God is Good! Keep up the blog and the wonderful music.

Big Fan in Georgia!

Mary ( Green Bay Wisconsin ) said...

You guys are awesome! Thank you for coming to GREEN BAY PACKER COUNTRY last nite ! What a blessing to have the HOMECOMING GANG here for Christmas . We are so happy your mom is thru with the treatments , she sounds great as always looks great as always !
And how beautiful to hear Jeff and Sheri sing that gorgeous Christmas love song . We love you all so much , thank you for making everyday special for us the fabulous homecoming DVD's .
Merry Christmas !
Mary and Steve